Johann Sebastian Bork's "Get Leid!"

Johann Sebastian Bork's "Get Leid!"


Uh-oh. Looks like its happened again. We owe you another apology. We're sorry, but we stepped in more forgotten Bork  (not that anybody even remembers the gotten Bork!) What you have here is from Bork's "island period," when he was living on an island. Period. Little is known, and even less can be told, but it seems at some point Bork just wandered off to an island in the middle of the ocean . What he did there all day and most of the night shall no doubt remain a mystery, but once you hear this weird collection of "exotic" and cheesy stuff, you will agree that moss doesn't grow evenly. 

On this album you have everything from exotica to fingerprints. Keep in mind that we're as mystified as you are, but we got a warehouse full of these things to get rid of, and we're hoping our distributor comes through or we're S.O.L.

P.S. Bork's affection for our feathered friends is quite apparent on this recording. This album is Bork's swan song. After he recorded it, he ate the swan.


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